View Full Version : Layout displays incorrectly in ie5/6

12-11-2007, 06:25 PM
Hello everyone. I am having certain problems displaying a website on which I am working (for my college.. NOT an assignment).

The website can be viewed here: NMIMS MPSTME (http://www.nmimsieee.com/__secret/)

The problem I am facing is, that it displays correctly in Firefox, IE7 and other browsers, however when I view it in IE5.5 or IE6, the display is highly botched up. in IE5.5, the layout shifts to the left (it is center aligned) and the menu bar (I have used a menubar by Dynamic Drive) appears misaligned (it is supposed to be rectangular). In IE6, the main content on the right side of the sidebar shifts down below.

Here are the screenshots for IE5.5 an IE6:
IE5.5 Screenshot (http://www.nmimsieee.com/__secret/ie5.png)
IE6 Screenshot (http://www.nmimsieee.com/__secret/ie6.png)

Here are the links to the stylesheets I am using:
Main.css (http://www.nmimsieee.com/__secret/main.css) (for layout)
Mystyle1.css (http://www.nmimsieee.com/__secret/mystyle1.css) (for menus and stuff)

I have tried to read up on conditional CSS codes but they don't really specify how to use it within a stylesheet. And I am having a hard time figuring it out since I don't know CSS as such.

I cannot change the menubars which I have used because of the restrictions placed on me by my college.

I would really appreciate it if a kind soul could help me out with this. Thanks in advance.