View Full Version : form to jmail AND access database

12-08-2007, 12:12 PM
Hi, I am using jmail to send forms via email -works fine. But i also want to send the form data to a database, this is where I am having problems.

I am using dw8, it will write to the database but I cannot get it to then send the form via email and vice versa. The data has to be in a form with a submit button, and it only wants to do one thing, either write to the database or go to the jmail page.

The layout of the forms:
form - someone fills out
jmail page 1 - this processes the form and sends the email and then forwards page to
jmail page 2 - the second page, for a completely differently formatted email, but with the same content - back to home page

So I have data to play with but I am not experienced enough with asp to know how to send the data to the database - I can get out pretty much everyting I need (the database connection works), but writing back does not work the way I am doing it.

Do i have to have the data in a form to write to the database (Iguess not But I dont know how to do it - i have all variables as session variables)
Any ideas?

12-10-2007, 10:27 AM
I shouldn't think that you need two processing pages, there's no reason why one page can't send a number of emails and write it to the database. But in any case we need to see what code you've got already so we can figure out why it's not working right.