View Full Version : New help build a url BuildURL()

11-26-2007, 03:29 PM
I have a webserver MS with IIS.
I have to setup a link to a third party server to retrieve PDF's by member.

Member logs in with login and password (https).
Selects the link to view their pdf.

The third party has supplied a dll that does all of the necessary encryption. They also supplied an encryption key that needs to be part of the url.

They also supplied the code to build a url (vbscript). In the code it states strEncryptionKey = "xyzabc" 'store this securely!

1. How do I store this securely?
2. How do I get the Encryption key?
I do not know Vbscript to add the code to retrieve the key. I can supply the code to build the url if that will help.