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11-22-2007, 01:33 PM
$title = ':(.*)./msU';
preg_match_all($title, $value, $matche);

this gives me:
Warning: preg_match_all() [function.preg-match-all]: No ending delimiter ':' found in C:\wamp\www\zzz\test.php on line 34

My Input:

<li><a name="ChenFL02" href="../../indices/a-tree/c/Chen:Ping.html">Ping Chen</a>, <a href="../../indices/a-tree/f/Fu:Zhaohui.html">Zhaohui Fu</a>, <a href="../../indices/a-tree/l/Lim:Andrew.html">Andrew Lim</a>:
The Yard Allocation Problem.
3-8 <font size="-3"><a href="http://dblp.uni-trier.de/rec/bibtex/conf/aaai/ChenFL02">BibTeX</a></font>

11-22-2007, 01:48 PM
$title isn't a valid regular expression, you need 'delimiters' at the start and end. is the 'msU' bit meant to be regexp-options? if so you want to use '#:(.*)#msU'