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01-12-2003, 03:03 PM
i need a script, which i have no idea how it could work:
have a link to a picture which opens a pop-up window, which then displays the picture automatically (depending on which link you clicked on)

i dont want to waste time making lots of HTM files with pictures on them, cant it automatically use 1 base file with some text and the picture ?

i need to the base page, when you click the link it passes what picture (depending what you clicked) to be displayed in the popup window. and if possible, come with some text in a form field or somthing.

another query:
once i do this, is it possible to make all pictures than i have chosen (i dont want a title image to be displayed as a thumbnail ect, just ones which have a certain name or with a value) to display as thumbnails in the popup window, so visitors dont have to keep closing the popup picture viewer, they can just click on the little thumbnails of the other pictures, and it will load inplace of the picture they clicked first.

if sombody could give me an idea of the script able to do this or somthing to help please do :P

01-12-2003, 04:45 PM
I have designed some script for this, it seems really useful as many people require it.

You will have to build your page with the thubmnails on manually.
For the script and documentation/explaination visit
the last two posts on that thread (the posts by me) contain the script with an example