View Full Version : http printer access

11-16-2007, 06:24 PM
I am supremely interested in a solution which does NOT require AUTHORIZED Internet Users to install any additional software on their systems, but allows them (and only them) to select a virtual printer on our web server machine, and send print jobs to it.

What I have in mind is having users "Add a New Printer" via Windows' "Add Printer Wizard"
utilizing the "Connect to a printer on the Internet" option, but I am unclear of the setup on either
the local (web user's) OR remote (web server) systems.

Locally (web users installing internet printer)

"Example http://server/printers/myprinter/.printer" ???
I would interpret this to mean http://my_fixed_ip_address/.. but there is no "/printers" folder nor
printer for that matter there, so not sure what that means on either end of the setup.

Server Side (setting up the printer / path / security / permissions...)

Please, Can anyone clarify this or offer an alternative soultion.