View Full Version : need an "add to wishlist" function

11-15-2007, 11:47 PM
I'm looking for someone to help me add an "add to wishlist" function to a 3dcart shopping site. It's asp-based.

basically, you'd need to grab the catalogID from a button, then pass that to the customer table (or a new table associated with the customer's userid). Then, the information stored there would need to be displayed in the user's account page (or in a separate wishlist page, but I suspect putting it into the existing myaccount page would work best, since the user is logged in when viewing that).

That page would display the item's id and name and link to its detail page (a listing page to which you pass the catalogID).

The user would also need to be able to remove items from the wishlist from their account (or wishlist) page.

The database is access. The cart is 3dcart. My timeline is quick.

Open to discussing fee. Please contact me offline at syncbox AT gmail DOT com or call me at 707.824.2840...