View Full Version : PHP Request a brochure tutorial

11-05-2007, 06:39 AM
Hi all. I've looked all over the place for a simple (ish) tutorial that I can follow to make a simple page so people can request a brochure from my site. I'd like users to be able to use a drop down box to select their country etc and check that users have entered all of the appropriate information.

I imagine it's a very common thing to have on a website so I'm surprised I'm unable to find anything.

If you could point me to a suitable tutorial I'd be extremely grateful.

Thanks in advance, Kendalbren.

11-05-2007, 08:55 AM
A simple way to do this is to have a form that emails you when a user fills in the form, a google search came up with this (http://php.about.com/od/advancedphp/ss/mail.htm) which gives the general idea.