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11-05-2007, 12:27 AM
I'm fully aware that this message may be in the wrong place, and am not really sure where I should post it, but can anybody answer the following question, as it has been bugging me for ages.

Upon signing up for an email address, nobody else can utilize the same address.
Emails are then sent to your email account, by notifying people/websites etc of you emails address.
Upon you account expiring or you deleting your account e.g hotmail.com, your email address is again made available for somebody else to signup to.

My questions is this: Upon your account expiring or you closing your account, and the new user signing up to use your email address, whats stopping the forums/people etc from sending emails to that email address, thinking it was you, when indeed it now belongs to somebody else? Isn't this a security risk?

Please put my mind at rest, resulting in me sleeping easy tonight!!!!

11-05-2007, 03:32 AM
This is soooo definately in the wrong category, and you'll be lucky if its not closed. Yes, I'm sure forums and stuff will continue to send stuff to that email, so you'll have to tell them your new email. I don't think the forum would email anyone your username and pass, though, unless they knew your username and clicked the "I forgot my password" button, upon which it would send an email with the password.

But how are they going to know your username? And how are they going to know that you had the same email as them previously?

I would change the email on the forum if I were you, but you're pretty much safe.