View Full Version : Portable C# Library

10-28-2007, 04:34 AM
Ok is it possible to package the parts of the C# Library that you need with your program? This way you can avoid having users install something that they would only be used for a single file? Some windows does not have the .NET Framework installed by default such as schools and libraries and such. And you can't install anything there, I know there are run time files for VB, is there some for C#?

11-06-2007, 04:00 AM
Nope. Even if you do manage to get all the required files you may as well have shipped the installer with your product and then you will restrict who can use your app (if you ship 64bit dlls then 32bit users cant use your app and probably vice versa, etc) also with probably licensing issues from Microsoft.

Microsoft give out a redistributable installer for the framework. If you have an installer you can just get it to install the appropriate version of the .net framework with your application. If you don't want to ship it with your product you can just link to it and explain that it is required. If they try to run it without the framework installed they will (usually) get an error telling them to get it anyway.

XP SP2 and above all come with the .net framework anyway (and it is in windows update for other XP users) so the number of people with some version of the .net framework is increasing each day. You do sometimes get people who seem to think there is some problem with the .net framework and refuse to install it though.