View Full Version : ie5x and 6 errors

10-25-2007, 10:17 PM
on http://www.phuset.dk/ny/lisbeth/lisbeth.html in ie5x and 6 the .clear {clear:both; height:0} is rendered height:10px approx which disrupts the height of the #businesscard (i have given the .clear a bg-color and a width as well so i can see it, when it is quirky): what do i do?

in ie5x the img in #businecard is positioned slightly too much to the left - giving #businecard a too large padding-right: can i do anything about that?

also, the top link wont show its border-bottom before i hover it: what can i do?

see http://browsershots.org/png/original/27/2752a32a0ff3d09823e01f4e348ae606.png which i ie5.5


10-26-2007, 01:21 AM
IE usually does only make the elements as high as the current line height so in order to make it really small you also need to apply a line height of 0px (and the unit is required in this case). However, I seem to recall that IE 5 has a problem with a height or line height of 0 pixels. Iím not too sure as Iíve seized developing sites for IE 5 but I seem to remember that it will not recognize zero pixels. One pixel height would work, though.