View Full Version : css works in IE5 win but not IE6 win

01-08-2003, 10:07 PM
can anyone tell me why this doesn't display the "[" in the gold color, nor bold all the text in IE6 but it renders fine in IE5?

external style sheet code:
.ColorGold {
color: #CCCC99;
font-weight: bold;

html code:
<p class="ColorGold">[ <a href="/index.jsp" class="FooterLink">Home</a>
]&nbsp; •&nbsp; [ <a href="/contactus.jsp" class="FooterLink">Contact
Us</a> ]&nbsp; •&nbsp; [ <a href="/litfork.jsp" class="FooterLink">Request
Literature</a> ]&nbsp; •&nbsp; [ <a href="/corporate.jsp" class="FooterLink">Let
Us Help You</a> ]<br>
[ <a href="/servlet/catalog.CatalogControllerServlet/template~CatalogMain.jsp/categoryID~0" class="FooterLink">Browse
the Catalog</a> ]&nbsp; •&nbsp; [ <a href="/DimensionsSearch.serv" class="FooterLink">Search
By Dimensions</a> ]&nbsp; •&nbsp; [ <a href="/links.jsp" class="FooterLink">
Links</a> ] </p>

01-09-2003, 12:59 AM
Nothing wrong with the CSS and code you posted. So I'm guessing there's something in your CSS that keeps IE6 from applying this rule and an IE5 bug that makes it work. Well, as I said; just a guess. We need to see a bit more of your stylesheet.