View Full Version : position:relative not fixing alphaimageloader links problem

10-23-2007, 05:46 AM
I've been working on a website that uses transparent pngs in the design (naturally if I'd know when I started what a headache I was getting myself into because of Internet Explorer I would have gone for a completely different design). So of course I had issues getting the pngs to display correctly in IE 6 and lower, and research via finally Google led me to getting the AlphaImageLoader working.

Now of course the AlphaImageLoader has clobbered all links I had sitting on top of a png (when viewed in IE). I've been doing a lot more Googling on this, and the only solution I've come across is setting the position of the layer containing the png to position:relative. I did this, but nothing changed. I've searched for other solutions and have found none. Is anyone familiar with a different fix, or perhaps able to come up with another suggestion?

I guess there isn't really any specific code to paste here, but if viewing the source code would somehow be useful, the site is here (http://notgreatestsite.net/beta). I greatly appreciate any help or consideration given toward this :)