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10-23-2007, 03:28 AM
I've found a glitch in my website. I don't know what changed to cause it, and I can't see what's causing it by looking at the code. Literally weeks of work have gone into it, I finally thought it was live and all finished, and now I find this.

On any of the pages, I am unable to highlight text in internet explorer (6) ...a recent accident that until now I thought was beneficial. What I've just discovered though is that I'm unable to place the cursor in the fields of the contact forms on the site in order to write in them in internet explorer (6) either.

I am completely stumped. can anybody help?

The contact page is here (http://www.bariane.com/contact.html)
The CSS is here (http://www.bariane.com/birds.css)

10-23-2007, 03:59 AM
You cannot select the fields in IE7 either.

The problem is due to the various z-index values. The maincol div that your form is in, has a z-index:-1.

The HTML markup also contains some errors and there is one css error -

10-23-2007, 02:51 PM
It's always the little things that get you! lol Thanks... I've used a sepearate stylesheet for the contact pages (here (http://www.bariane.com/birds2.css)) changing the z-index of maincol to 2. That seems to have fixed the problem...

...except that in opera (and only in opera), it's now producing an unneccessary horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the contact page which hides half of the footer.

Is there a way to hide the horizontal scroll for Opera only? (and while I'm at it, I'd better reduce the page width to fit exactly in the viewport for 800*600)

Thanks for letting me know about those errors too... I'll take a look t those later also. nothing too difficult I hope, because it's great otherwise, apart from that opera scrollbar.

10-23-2007, 03:26 PM
OK... I've fixed that silly little CSS error, and I've fixed all of my errors on the contact page. Unfortunately though, the remaining errors on the page aren't mine at all... they come from a PHP require_once() aimed at recaptchalib.php ... I'm a little scared of editing the recaptcha library as I'm not really 100% proficient at php syntax. (having just checked, I've reduced the number of errors from the recaptcha include, but they cannot all be fixed.)

Otherwise, it's just that strange opera only scrollbar problem... why opera is creating a horizontal scroll now that I've corrected the maincol z-index I don't know!

HTML... here (http://www.bariane.com/contact.html)
CSS... here (http://www.bariane.com/birds2.css)