View Full Version : Linking to a position in an excel sheet

01-08-2003, 08:26 AM

I am working in an environment where reports can be generated as html-output. So i have absolutely no control over the html that is produced. What i want is to link to an excel sheet, to be more exact, i want to link to a certain position in the sheet. What i've tried is the following. Naming a cell in excel and then setting the href for the link (this is the only thing i can determine myself) as "drive:\folder\sheetname.xls#cellname" this works on my machine (NT-workstation, IE5,5) but it doesn't work on the machine of other people in the same company, same OS, same browser. What setting do i have to adjust in the browser or OS so it will work on other machines too??


01-09-2003, 07:33 AM
hmmm, maybe i should explain better what goes wrong exactly :D

on one machine, a new browser window is opened, where the sheet is opened in the browser window, changing the window interface to an excel like interface. In that case the link brings us to the desired position in the sheet.

on the other machine i get an automatic download screen for a very short time, the sheet is downloaded and excel is started with the sheet loaded. In that case the cell-pointer is at the same position as where it was when i saved the sheet.

Please let me know what i should/could do to make it work on all machines