View Full Version : Totally Stumped by an IE6 Problem!!

Jim K
09-20-2007, 10:16 PM
I thought that I had this site ready to launch. It checked out in every browser. Or so I thought. But it seems that someone upgraded our IE6 machine to IE7 and I did not know so ALL of my IE6 tests were bogus.

So, I LAUNCHED the site thinking that all was well, and then discovered two REALLY TOUGH IE6 problems. :(

1) I'm using the following code to light up the active page tab, BUT IT'S NOT WORKING IN IE6.

<ul id="nav">
<li><a class="here" href="index.html">Home</a></li>
<li><a href="whattodo.htm">What To Do</a></li>
<li><a href="mortgage_programs.htm">Programs</a></li>
<li><a href="credit-repair.htm">Credit Repair</a></li>
<li><a href="contact.htm">Contact</a></li>
<li><a href="https://powernodoc.securesites.com/startpage.php">Apply Now</a></li>

2) For some reason my horizontal yellow bar is REALLY WIDE in IE6. Here is the code and the CSS:

<div id="topbar"></div>

#topbar { background: #ffcc00; height: 7px; }


Here is the site: http://www.powermortgage.com

And I am importing the following three CSS sheets:

1) Set Up:

2) Header, Navigation, Left Column, and Footer:

3) Main (center) Content:

I'm sorry for the complexity of the puzzle, but I have spent hours trying to figure it out and I'm at a loss. I'm kind of hoping one of you seasoned pros will be in the mood to check this out and clue me in!

Thank You Very Much!

Jim K.

09-20-2007, 10:46 PM
Looks fine on IE6...or at the least my version of IE6 running on XP.

Jim K
09-20-2007, 11:02 PM

Very interesting! The one IE6 machine that I've checked it on exhibited the two bugs I mentioned. I'll check the operating system on that machine tomorrow. Funny business!

BTW - for anyone else looking at this thread, I should mention that I tried {zoom: 1;} on all possible divs with no luck.

Thanks again for the feedback. Have a grat day!