View Full Version : Need help with Marquee

01-04-2003, 09:01 AM
Okay, I'm having a bit of trouble with my marquee. This is what I need it to do. I need it to make an image move across the screen, then hit the wall, change the image and go the opposite direction, then when it gets to the other side of the screen, change the image back to the original and turn around and cycle like this infinitely. I can get the image to change (turn around) when it gets to one side of the screen, and then go back the other direction, but when it gets to the other side, the image either doesn't revert or when I get it to revert, the marquee stops. This is what I have:
<marquee direction=right behavior=alternate loop=2 height=32 onbounce="character.src='malleno-left.gif'" onFinish="character.src='malleno-right.gif'"><img name=character src=malleno-right.gif></marquee>

that makes it stop and turn around for the second turn. This is the other way which makes the image change only once, but it at least keeps moving.

<marquee direction=right behavior=alternate height=32 onbounce="character.src='malleno-left.gif'"><img name=character src=malleno-right.gif></marquee>

Now I've tried bunches of ways to get this thing to work so far, but I just haven't managed to get it to work the way I want