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01-02-2003, 05:40 PM
:confused: Desperate for Assignment help due for 6/1/03 Monday. Lost all notes to complete over Christmas and ahven't been able to find solution on the net. Will pay £50 ($75) to anyone who can do it for me. Payment via NOCHEX, CASH, CHEQUE or postal order. Its a really simple assignment but my knowledge of XML is crap. Have managed to do it on Dreamweaver but don't know the language well enough to know what to delete so it looks like I have done it in notepad.


"Your client operates a quiz site that wants to develop a simple question and “multiple choice” answer web page.

You need to ask the user a question and display four (4) possible answers.

The page must be attractive and encourage the user to play!

For this exercise you are required to create at least ten (10) questions each of which has one of four (4) possible answers.

The questions, possible answers and the correct answer MUST be held in an XML file.

You MUST also use another file(s) to display.

It should be possible for the user to select a 50% / 50% option. This will leave them with the correct answer and one random incorrect answer.

When a user selects an answer, it is checked and the correct answer and their answer (and original question) are displayed.

SECURITY IS NOT IMPORTANT! (this makes it easy!)

Obviously, your client demands a good, clear and professional looking page.

The finished pages must be viewable in Internet Explorer 5 (the default browser on the University’s systems).

The pages should be produced using a standard text editor such as “The Programmer’s File Editor”. The files should be saved as plain text with a file extension of “.htm”

Marks will be awarded for efficient clearly commented code, the appeal to the intended audience and professional presentation to your client.

The main aim of this assignment is to improve your knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and XML. Your understanding of the code will be reflected in how clearly your comments describe the operation of each line. Marks will be allocated accordingly.

Work completed using web authoring tools other than plain text editors will be marked as 0 (ZERO, NOTHING, NONE, ZILCH NOW’T NOUGHT NIL “NOT ANYTHING” RUBBISH JUNK)"

Cheers Sam

01-02-2003, 11:34 PM
Let me just express my discontempt for people who apparently have the money to spend on cheating their university assignments. BTW, this post violates the TOS of this forum.

01-02-2003, 11:47 PM
I agree with your views but if I do not get this done I have to repeat the year because the module is 100% coursework. Its such a small piece of work but counts for 70% of the module mark. I can't get into university to talk to a tutor because it is not open until the Monday the work is to be handed in. I left my bag in a pub when I was a bit drunk and it had all the notes from lectures in it - not a very good excuse for the tutor but true. I have to revise for exams next week and have already spent every day for a week looking on the internet and trying to do it myself. I'm at my wits end otherwise I wouldnt have posted this thread. On top of this a stupid housemate has opened an e-mail on my PC with that bloody LOVE virus and I have spent all day backing up to DVD and formatting my computer. rant rant rant!!!

I know its wrong and I'm sorry so people don't have to frustrate me anymore with their disgust for my blatant cheating. I just can't get my head around it and another year repeat for the sake of this little piece of work will mess quite a few life plans up.


01-03-2003, 01:49 AM
I'll leave this thread open for now just in case members wish to provide hints to your problem, but not full blown solutions. This forum will not be a vehicle for other people to write your entire assignment for you.

01-03-2003, 02:10 PM
Thanks for leaving it open. I know how to create xml structure,

<questionGroup id="1">
<q>what color is an aardvark?</q>
<answer id="1" iscorrect="true">blue</answer>
<answer id="2" iscorrect="false">red</answer>
<answer id="3" iscorrect="false">yellow</answer>
<answer id="4" iscorrect="false">green</answer>

and have been given help to query the XML using XPath


var nodQuestion =
var nodAnswers =

So I am going to try and figure out how to loop the results and produce them in a final output today.