View Full Version : How to generate fields by user selection

08-31-2007, 04:47 PM
Hey guys..... I want to put some upload boxes on a page (<input type="file">) & I want the user to be able to select with a select field how many they need; by default the page will display one field & I will be supplying them with a select field where they can pick between 1 & 20 to show..... I can figure out how to add them ok; but it's just I'm having trouble with what if the user changes the amount (sure you can just re-generate the fields) but I don't want to lose the user data that was entered in already if they change the amount after they have selected some files to upload already...

Not sure if it matters but all the fields will have the same name as they will be part of an array.... (filename[]).

Appreciate any help! :thumbsup: