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Aug 29th, 2007, 04:31 AM
How do I add images under pictures, text and etc.. using PHP, Style Sheets and my site is www.afesoccer.com. Thank you.

Aug 29th, 2007, 06:43 AM
Is this a HTML/CSS question, or a "how to use Dreamweaver" question?

Aug 29th, 2007, 10:41 AM
How do you add an image under a picture? A picture is an image on a web page? I think we need a little more information than that. Where do you want to add an image? Do you know the code for an image? What relation to the image do you want the next item?

For starts you will need to add an image via:

<img src="images/image.jpg" alt="An Image" />

Aug 29th, 2007, 04:03 PM
Yes I do know the code for an image, however on my site, http://www.athletes4excellence.com, I want to add ad a picture behind where it says "T I s d klf a;ll ; akjs ;fk jdlkfj bl;k; lsf j kfj;als;la d;fj;kfja; flka j ;lfkj;d fj aj ;kjfasj; fkj;fk a j;k f;k j fa kjf;l k ; kjs;lk j ;k ja ; k sj;f ajs; kfj ; jflj; dk fj;k jfl;j f kj lkjf;lk -50 ks djf ;lak j;l ; asldjf lkjalk jf;aldjf kj;faj ;fjlkfal kjfkjf ;lj;f ;lk ; ;slkd"

Aug 29th, 2007, 04:46 PM
Then you'll need to wrap that section in a div... or if it is text give it an id with a p tag and add a background-image to the CSS:

<p id="image">your text</p>

p#image {
background-image: url(images/bg.jpg);
width: 100px;
height: 100px;

Aug 29th, 2007, 10:28 PM
If I may chime in with a basic comment: I see the word “Dreamweaver” in many of your threads which tells me that you’re thinking way wrong right from the start.

Dreamweaver is just a tool and is just as good as the person that is using it. It appears to me that you still need to learn the most basic things of HTML and CSS before you actually understand how to correctly work with Dreamweaver. And once you know HTML and CSS you may not even need to rely on Dreamweaver anymore (although it’s a great help).

So although it may not be helping you with the immediate problem let me say this: You should learn the craft before you are using professional tools.

Aug 30th, 2007, 12:07 AM
These jpgs are from my pc screen.

Where do you want the image placed.
I can't understand from your description


Aug 30th, 2007, 01:21 AM
Ohh ok. And I tried the code, but it is not working http://www.afesoccer.com

Aug 30th, 2007, 10:50 AM
You have two head sections, two body sections and a multitude of other problems. Why haven't you done as Aero has been telling you and run your site through a validator? If you took the advice we gave you and put it to practical use you might actually be able to progress with your web site design process

Your errors here (http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.afesoccer.com%2F&charset=%28detect+automatically%29&doctype=Inline&group=0) - go through each one and correct it as best you can. The fact that you are using a transitional doctype and still have 95 validation errors says a lot!

As for the problem above, the code I posted is correct and should work as long as you have your path to the image correct and everything is uploaded. Listen to our advice... especially Stephan and Aero who have said this time and again!

Aug 30th, 2007, 03:19 PM
Yup, it worked. and I don't understand that validator.