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08-07-2007, 02:13 PM
Hello all
I need a form get submitted as soon as the page loads automatically , I know abt its javascript code, But I need it to be done by php.

the form has no input, it gets its variables from db , just a submit button, has to be clicked ,

Thanks for your help

08-07-2007, 02:39 PM
if (empty($_POST['value'])){
//get whatever you need from database
else {
//use your $_POST['value'] for anything you maybe needing it for

Post your code if you want more help-

08-07-2007, 02:52 PM
if (empty($_POST['value'])){
//get whatever you need from database
else {
//use your $_POST['value'] for anything you maybe needing it for

Post your code if you want more help-

this is the form page :

<form name=spend method=post action="https://www.e-gold.com/sci_asp/payments.asp">
Your e-gold account number <b>{$userinfo.egold_account}</b><br>
Amount ($US): <b>{$amount_format}</b><br>
{if $use_compound}
{if $compound_min_percents == $compound_max_percents && !$compound_percents}
<input type=hidden name=compound value="{$compound_min_percents}">
<table cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0>
<tr><td nowrap width=1%>Compounding percent: </td>
{if $compound_percents}
<td><select name='compound' class=inpts>
{section name=p loop=$compound_percents}<option value="{$compound_percents[p].percent}">{$compound_percents[p].percent}%</option>{/section}
<td width=99%><input type=text name='compound' value="{$compound_min_percents}" class=inpts size=5></td></tr>
<tr><td nowrap colspan=2>(You can set any percent between <b>{$compound_min_percents}%</b> and <b>{$compound_max_percents}%</b>)</td>
<!--tr><td colspan=2><small>Example: {$compounding}% of your earning will be accumulate on deposit.</small></td></tr-->
<input type=hidden name=compound value="0">


<input type=hidden name=userid value="{$userinfo.id}">
<input type=hidden name=hyipid value={$h_id}>
<input type=hidden name=a value=checkpayment>
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYMENT_AMOUNT value="{$amount}">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYEE_ACCOUNT value="{$settings.def_payee_account}" >
<INPUT type=hidden name=FORCED_PAYER_ACCOUNT value="{$userinfo.egold_account}">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYEE_NAME value="{$settings.def_payee_name}">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYMENT_UNITS value="1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYMENT_METAL_ID value="1">
<INPUT type=hidden name=STATUS_URL value="{$settings.site_url}/egold_processing.php">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYMENT_URL value="{$settings.site_url}/index.php?a=return_egold&process=yes">
<INPUT type=hidden name=PAYMENT_URL_METHOD value=POST>
<INPUT type=hidden name=NOPAYMENT_URL value="{$settings.site_url}/index.php?a=return_egold&process=no">
<INPUT type=hidden name=NOPAYMENT_URL_METHOD value=POST>
<INPUT type=hidden name=BAGGAGE_FIELDS value="userid hyipid a compound">
<INPUT type=hidden value="Deposit to {$settings.site_name} User {$userinfo.username}" name=SUGGESTED_MEMO>
<br><input type=submit value="Process" class=sbmt> &nbsp;
<input type=button class=sbmt value="Cancel" onclick="document.location='?a=account'">

This for is in a .tpl file, Can you give me any method for ayro submit, for html pages? if not, help me with php code

Thanks alot mate

08-09-2007, 10:59 PM
So no one can give me hand :((

08-10-2007, 03:09 AM

I don't really understand the question.

You want the submit button to be pressed, or you don't
want the submit button ... you want it to process without
a submit button?

I would go to the site where you're sending your form:

and ask e-gold.com how to send data without a form.

They must have a way to do that, using sessions.