View Full Version : Help php return undefineded value in actionscript

08-06-2007, 11:34 AM
Hi I having problem here how come the uid is undefined value on the actionscripts? the uname is able to be display but the uid is undefinded but I don't know why it return undefinded value? uid is the id of the username like eg: 1,2,3

PHP Code:

$resultpostal=mysql_query("SELECT location.uname,location.uid FROM location,districts WHERE districts.districtno ='$postalno' AND
location.lat BETWEEN districts.startlat AND districts.endlat AND location.lng BETWEEN districts.startlng AND districts.endlng");

foreach($row as $col_value){


echo $report;

Anybody know?

08-06-2007, 09:09 PM
That is a really poor way to get results out of a query. Why are you using a foreach() array, assigning each individual array value to another array, then referring to this second array? Why not just use the first array?

Also you may as well use a "for" loop, as it takes care of the iterator for you (makes the code cleaner than a "while" loop).

for ($counterx = 0; $counterx < mysql_num_rows($resultpostal); $counterx++) {
$row[$counterx] = mysql_fetch_array($resultpostal);

//Array is ready for you to do whatever you want with it
foreach($row as $rowval) {

echo $report;