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08-02-2007, 02:54 PM
I really need help with my ASP calendar, I have SET DATEFORMAT dmy When i hover over a date past 13/08/07 that should be 13th August 2007 and it is! before that date on my calendar 12th, 11th, 10th etc changed and becomes months not days so for example when i hover over the 12 on calendar that shows 8th December 2007??! please help, here is the code i think needs tweaking...

' Initialize the end of rows flag to false
EndRows = False
Response.Write vbCrLf

' Loop until all the rows are exhausted
Do While EndRows = False
' Start a table row
Response.Write " <TR>" & vbCrLf
' This is the loop for the days in the week
For intLoopDay = cSUN To cSAT
' If the first day is not sunday then print the last days of previous month in grayed font
If intFirstWeekDay > cSUN Then
Write_TD LastMonthDate, "NON"
LastMonthDate = LastMonthDate + 1
intFirstWeekDay = intFirstWeekDay - 1
' The month starts on a sunday
' If the dates for the month are exhausted, start printing next month's dates
' in grayed font
If intPrintDay > intLastDay Then
Write_TD NextMonthDate, "NON"
NextMonthDate = NextMonthDate + 1
EndRows = True
' If last day of the month, flag the end of the row
If intPrintDay = intLastDay Then
EndRows = True
End If

dToday = CDate(intPrintDay & "/" & intThisMonth & "/" & intThisYear)
If NOT Rs.EOF Then
' Set events flag to false. This means the day has no event in it
bEvents = False
Do While NOT Rs.EOF AND bEvents = False
' If the date falls within the range of dates in the recordset, then
' the day has an event. Make the events flag True
If dToday = Rs("Start_Date") Then
' Print the date in a highlighted font
Write_TD "<A HREF=events.asp?date="& Server.URLEncode(dToday) & " CLASS='EVENT' > " & intPrintDay & "</A>", "HL"
bEvents = True
' If the Start date is greater than the date itself, there is no point
' checking other records. Exit the loop
ElseIf dToday < Rs("Start_Date") Then
Exit Do
' Move to the next record
End If
' Checks for that day
End If

' If the event flag is not raise for that day, print it in a plain font
If bEvents = False Then
Write_TD "<A HREF=events.asp?date="& Server.URLEncode(dToday) & " CLASS='NOEVENT' > " & intPrintDay & "</A>", "SOME"
End If
End If

' Increment the date. Done once in the loop.
intPrintDay = intPrintDay + 1
End If

' Move to the next day in the week
Response.Write " </TR>" & vbCrLf

Set Rs = Nothing

08-02-2007, 11:10 PM
Have you set the Session.lcid on the page or if using it, in the global.asa? Also the database needs to be set to the same format as the format determined by the Session.lcid.