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07-31-2007, 10:01 PM

So yeah, this is weird for me. Let me explain. Im working on a big project... And im making a user class/session class etc. etc. and the problem is, nothing is good enough when its done ( if its done ). When I say that the user class will be like this, then I say to myself "Nah, thats too phpBBish"... And I dont do nothing.

I cant write, I dont have any ideas of my own. Now, I'm asking you, how do you plan a class/project. How do you get inspiration? Do you get a piece of paper and write up the concept? Do you get inspiration form other projects? What do you do? Share your wisdom with me!


08-01-2007, 12:07 AM
Every project it unique and as such, you should have a clear plan well ahead before writing any code.

Using UML, use-cases, sitemaps, etc...is a good practice in designing your application, and can be used in documenting your project....which can be handy if you were to go back to a given project and perform maintenance tasks.

If you start your project without a clear plan or design concept, you could easily get lost...and might end up spending more time thinking about what could or should be included and/or not included.

Using coding conventions, and sticking to standards....should make your life as a programmer and the lifes of those who might read your code even easier and more enjoyable.

Learning from others by viewing open source code, and reading programming books is a good practice, and sometimes looking at other programming languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, to name a few...is also a good practice.

In any case, software development methods have been created for a good reason...and you should try and at the least learn two or more programming paradigms if you are serious about your programming.

08-01-2007, 01:43 AM
The best way to plan anything that involves branding is to run an identity programme to determine the identity of what you are trying to project. Its all about the image you are trying to get across. Think about the services on offer and how you are going to make it clear to your user whats on offer. Think about your market and what things they would like to see. Even if your project isn't for profit running through this process will liven up any creative. If you produce a strong brand image to start your creatives will almost build themselves. If you ask me CMS like PHPBB theme all have a similar feel to them because they a branded by the code. There are good books by Wolf Ollins on the subject of branding and identity.

Also dont even think about coding anything untill you have fully anilysed the problem. When you have a clear view of the problem you can start designing it. Really for any very large project you need a specification that details the problems and how you are going to solve them basically, what time and financial constraints you have to deal with. It allows you to manage your time and the project. This is all part of software systems development and the larger the project the harder this is to avoid. The same is true of the branding

If you are hand coding a big project by hand then you will have a million things to consider, mainly around security, integrity, accessibility, compatibility. Sometimes you need a security expert especially when sensitive data is involved. Security is even more important than functionality at times so i suggest learning as much about that as you can. 5 things to read up on of the top of my head are; hashing, encryption, injections, flooding, sessions etc etc

I cant even begin to start to explain all the things you might have to consider when building a big project. but just remember good analysis and design will be your tools

Which is exactly why big projects are less appealing from a creative point of view.