View Full Version : How can I capture data returned to another website?

07-31-2007, 05:49 PM
I'm working with a company that is tracking my vihicle and they have an API that will allow me to log into their database and retrieve the location of my vihicle, which is returned to their website as an XML response.

My question is: Is there way to get the data that is returned in the response so I can use that data on my website. I tried talking to them but they don't have any tech people there. Plus I would rather the response didn't show up on their website.

Here is the code that they have on their website as an example:
<form method='post'
<input type='text' name='login' value='your_login' />
<input type='text' name='password' value='your_password' />
<input type='submit'>

And the response is:
<status code="100" msg="Success"/>
<vehicle serial="2002348" date="1170813924" lat="49.2520500"
lng="-123.1108800" type="18" address="271 W 21st Ave, Vancouver, BC, V5Y"
speed="0" heading="0"/>
<vehicle serial="2001452" date="1157654983" lat="49.2521320"
lng="-123.1111760" type="17" address="" speed="0" heading="0"/>
<vehicle serial="2001450" date="1168890892" lat="32.7947333"
lng="-117.1367500" type="0" address="8999 Gowdy Ave, San Diego, CA, 92123"
speed="0" heading="-1"/>