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07-28-2007, 12:46 AM
Ok...first off I am pretty new at doing frames.
I got all the basics down on where the target frames and so forth.

The only problem Im having is editing a template I got.

Could someone help me with the HTML code I have?

The problem is FRAMES!
Im having the hardest time trying to get this webpage the way I want it to.

First off...
I have 3 frames.
The top part and the bottom part are two seperate frames that holds my clickable links.

The middle part is the one I want to change with each cooresponding click of
the links either above or below.

I managed to get the "targets" taken care of when you click a link the middle page changes
but the only problem Im having is this:

The page Im TRYING to develop:
I want it to take place in a small centered area of the persons screen.
This is where I want all the action to take place...
Not the whole lenght of the screen...

My top, middle, and bottom frame have symmetric "Bleed" zones on the left and right.
I dont want this area visible.

The webpages I made as links take up the whole middle part of the screen when clicked.

Im not exactly sure on how to accomplish centering the whole page and fixing my link pages to fit squarely
into the "centered" part of my web page.
I will try to find an example site for reference.

Can anyone help me out on this?
I hope I didnt confuse anyone.

I have attached the files cooresponding to the site Im making.

The "excess" is all the the Red and yellow that is outside of my "Box"
How do I ge rid of that and have the webpage centered?

Also, concerning the additional pages that I have linking to the center page...
How do I have the content centered?
As you can see when you click on members, the page is all the way at the top.
I would like to have it centered.

Lastly, the bottom frame...I cannot seem to get the picture to line up correctly.
I want it to look like the flip image of the top section.
Thanks again for the help.

Well...a lot of people have been telling me not to do frames...
but, again, Im new at this and not exactly sure on how to achieve the function without frames.

Well...heres an example of what Im trying to achieve
The template is here.

Ive attached my html code and my css sheet.
If I need to email what I have I can do that as well.

07-28-2007, 06:45 AM
I have to agree, frames are prehistoric. The reason you have not received any responses is because nobody designs with frames anymore, therefore nobody knows how to help you.

Given that there are so many free CSS templates out there that can do what you want to do, it is questionable why you would proceed with a frame based design.

Please consider your options in the new age before you embark on building a Model T. Many of us can help with CSS, but not with frames.

07-28-2007, 07:25 AM
I know how to use frames and could probably fix your issue but I would rather give you a way of doing the same thing as frames without all of the annoyances that frames create. These annoyances include but are not limited to... not having the correct url in the address bar. Not being able to link to any of your pages directly. Plus most times the search engines will link to one of the framed pages and not the the main page that uses those frames. Have you haver been to a site you found in a search engine that did not have any navigation links. Thats why. Also you would have to rewrite every page that you used frames for when you finally realize how bad frames really are.

If you are using frames to be able to have one navigation file or use one file many times then your best bet is to use php includes instead. You can do that like this:

<? include ('path-to-file-from-this-file/filename.php'); ?>

You must name any file using php with the .php extension and your server must have php installed. Most servers do. As far as your frames remember you must treat each framed page as a separate page. This is not true for includes. That means the stylesheet or css must be on each framed page not in only one of them. But once again I implore you to consider other methods to do what you want to do. When everyone is saying the same thing you have to figure theres a reason and whatever you want to do there must be a way other/better then using frames or people would still use frames.

Henry C. Weismann IV

07-29-2007, 05:46 AM
I know this is one hell of an over used statement; but if you want to get around Frames, use AJAX. It reloads specific parts of a page WITHOUT having to reload the entire page.

You can find tutorials all over the internet, google it or use http://www.w3schools.com