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07-27-2007, 10:28 PM
Hello this is the URL to my website in development:


It uses frames. The images at the top are all inside a table the script is below if it helps to see it. The images in the table however do not stretch to the edge of the page and so there is a white line down the edge of the frame. How do i make the table/image reach to the sides?? could i do it differently to make it reach the edges??

<table border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 bgcolor="#F0F8FF" height=55% width=100% valign=top>

<tr height=29%><td colspan=8 valign=bottom align=left><a href="frametest.html" target="_parent">
<IMG SRC="title.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="" height=100% width=100%></a>

<!--<tr height=1%><td colspan=8 valign=bottom>-->
<!--<IMG SRC="bar2.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="" height=100% width=100%>-->

<IMG SRC="images/bar3d_01.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 ALT=""></TD>
<IMG SRC="images/bar3d_02.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 ALT=""></TD>
<A HREF="frametest.html" TARGET="_parent"
ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('bar3d_03', 'images/bar3d_03-over.gif'); return true;"
ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('bar3d_03', 'images/bar3d_03.gif'); return true;">
<IMG NAME="bar3d_03" SRC="images/bar3d_03.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
<A HREF='GalleryMenu.html' target=left onClick="parent.frames[5].location.href='GalleryAlbums.php'"; ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('bar3d_04', 'images/bar3d_04-over.gif'); return true;"
ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('bar3d_04', 'images/bar3d_04.gif'); return true;">
<IMG NAME="bar3d_04" SRC="images/bar3d_04.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
<A HREF="#"
ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('bar3d_05', 'images/bar3d_05-over.gif'); return true;"
ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('bar3d_05', 'images/bar3d_05.gif'); return true;">
<IMG NAME="bar3d_05" SRC="images/bar3d_05.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
<A HREF="#"
ONMOUSEOVER="changeImages('bar3d_06', 'images/bar3d_06-over.gif'); return true;"
ONMOUSEOUT="changeImages('bar3d_06', 'images/bar3d_06.gif'); return true;">
<IMG NAME="bar3d_06" SRC="images/bar3d_06.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 BORDER=0 ALT=""></A></TD>
<IMG SRC="images/bar3d_07.gif" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 ALT=""></TD>
<IMG SRC="location.php" WIDTH=100% HEIGHT=26 ALT=""></TD>

<tr height=17%><td colspan=8 valign=top>

<IMG SRC="bar.gif" BORDER=0 ALT="" height=100% width=100%>