View Full Version : Need help with Advanced Embedded Media Player

07-25-2007, 01:00 PM
Hey guys,

I need some help here..

I have a web page and when it loads I want it to display a welcome image or movie.. then when you click a button it loads a new movie, if you click on another button it loads another.. associated with which button I click.. but i also want it to send a value to an XML file and look up the URL of the movie so that it is secure.

so i know i have to assign a value to each button then send it off to the XML.. then somehow get the XML doc to talk to the movie player..

I think I'll use this code for the embedded media player.. I think it just needs to be altered in the line where it calls for the URL..

<OBJECT id="VIDEO" width="320" height="240"
style="position:absolute; left:0;top:0;"

<PARAM NAME="URL" VALUE="your file or url">
<PARAM NAME="SendPlayStateChangeEvents" VALUE="True">
<PARAM NAME="AutoStart" VALUE="True">
<PARAM name="uiMode" value="none">
<PARAM name="PlayCount" value="9999">

Then for the HTML I was thinking thatyou might use an onClick event for it.. or perhaps javascript.

Thats about all I know.. I'm currently stuck.

Can anyone help me with this?