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07-23-2007, 06:47 PM
My problem.
I recently launched http://www.myverdict.net, an excercise in direct democracy. It is intended as the first part of a community website for every community. After registration/login, users are taken to 'mypage', where they can put questions to a vote, post arguments and vote. That's the democracy bit.
Users do all this based on their residential area, from international level, down to county level. The navigation from 'mypage' is different for each user, thus ensuring they vote etc in the correct categories.
To build this site, I used dreamweaver 8, mysql and php, which came with my hosting package. Because dreamweaver writes a lot of the php for you, I've only got a basic grasp of it.

What I would like to do next is create a 'county' page for each user, which would have content relevant to that county. Everything from property rentals to youth sporting tables. Each county would thus have loads of potential revenue streams, via advertisng to club subscriptions.

A bulletin board at bathtab.co.uk (not my site), will give a vague idea of the direction I'm heading for, though a much expanded version. It is obvious, that a lot of the php required to build such a countypage/s is what is used in bulletin boards and forums. I don't want to use a ready made BB, because it does'nt exactlty fit with the existing site and I myself am unable to adapt it to my main site.

What I am proposing for this project, is a collaboration to produce a template for the county pages, including a back end. Each 'county site' would then be run as a sort of franchise. There's over 25,000 administrative divisions to be catered for. I envisage that those collaborating on the creation of this project would, if they wanted, have their own 'county site' to run and receive most, if not all of the revenue generated.
I look forward to your thoughts on this project. You can register your interest by replying to this post or emailing me at taffd@myverdict.net.