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07-19-2007, 07:38 AM
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Pro Wrestling Nation was something myself and two other guys decided to open up to provide people with a place to discuss wrestling and much more! As wrestling and other hot topics are pretty popular these days we thought by creating this forum we could generate lots of hot discussions, which so far so good. We are not only a wrestling forum we have a lot more to offer. Our place is very diverse and we allow many things to be discussed to keep the members pleased. We have an arcade, store, and much more. The skin is customized by me, so hopefully you like it. But, beside that, check the place out and please give a review on it as I'd like to hear the flaws of my site and also the good parts of my site. Thank you.

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07-19-2007, 11:18 AM
Woah! I'm actually really impressed. I'll admit that I thought as soon as I clicked that link I'd regret it based on the fact that I've not seen a decently styled wrestling forum before, let alone site. But this design actually blew me away!

I love the banner, very well designed, looks amazing. The theme is great and I like the way you've managed to incorporate it into the whole forum. I'll admit that although the 'Chris Benoit' part is important and needs highlighting, I really didn't like the red because it was way too 'in your face' so I'd consider toning it down slightly. I'd also consider removing that horrible marquee at the top of the forum because, to me, they are tacky and simply not needed. I've used one once for a news feed and that was the last time I think I will use one!

All in all though, it's nice and clean, tidy and stylish! Good job. I don't have time to go through any of the other review categories yet, but I'll take another look later and comment on them.

07-19-2007, 01:48 PM
Yeah, the graphics are nice and stuff. However, this site is the exact opposite of what we get taught about website design all day. Itís too much of everything. Too much and too small text, too many forums/sections, too much input in general.

Rule #1: Make users feel comfortable. They feel comfortable if they come to a site and have an overview, and find the info they are looking for easily. People are immediately feeling uncomfortable if they are overwhelmed by too much input which brings me toÖ

Rule #2: Keep it simple. This goes hand in hand with rule 1 as simple and clean layouts automatically emanate some kind of tranquility that makes a user feel comfortable. I mean look at these forums here. You come to the index page and arenít knocked down by huge amounts of tiny text and a never ending page full of sections that have nothing to do with the subject.

Also this huge amount of space at the top that is taken by ads, advices, and informationÖ very counterproductive as I have to scroll down one screen height before I can actually see a forum! And I have to do this on each page! I mean I know that Iím not logged in, you donít have to tell me on every page.

Donít gab a visitor to death before she has done anything. Let the facts speak for themselves. Again, look at this site here. People usually know why they are coming here. They donít need an explanation that they arenít logged in and how cool this place is, and what cool features there are.

Keeping it simple also makes it easier to focus the userís attention to specific/important parts of the page which is leading me to, guess whatÖ

Rule #3: Highlight certain sections to draw the userís attention. This, again, goes hand in hand with the former rule. Clearly distinguish sections of a page to guide the user. OK, youíre not selling a product here but still youíre working against yourself if you give us too much input to process. If everything is equally important and trying to draw the attention then nothing will draw the attention. It is only distracting from the really important parts.
Iím specifically looking at those three columns at the top where itís hard to make out that they acutally are three columns but this applies to other parts as well.

Rule #4: Stay on topic. Your site is about wrestling, right? So why do you have a huge section with graphic showcase forums there? Thatís what graphic design forums are for. And all those non-wrestling forumsÖ? If I were to whine about my love life I guess my last thought would be ďHey, letís join the wrestling forum, they probably give me really good advice about love and relationships!Ē. Keeping irrelevant sections out will also help to keep it clean and simple, and will help to focus the attention on forums that are within the actual topic of the site, and this will help to not distract the users.

Wow, thatís a lot of critique. Thatís my opinion and others might not agree with me. And even though I guess you arenít interested in my opinion anyway but only wanted to promote your site I needed to get rid of that.

Good luck.

07-19-2007, 02:35 PM
Its not 800x600 resolution user friendly. I agree with Stephan.

07-20-2007, 03:26 AM
Thank you all for the reviews. I'm glad to see you add into some nice things, but VIPStephan, I like to see critique because now I know I have things to work on and I plan on working on each one.

07-20-2007, 05:38 AM
I'd give you a review but i pretty much agree with everything VIPStephan said. work on the things he suggested, that should keep u busy enough anyway!

07-23-2007, 01:32 AM
The logo could do with some attention to kerning: PWNF(here)orums.
It looks like: PWNF orums right now...whereas your forum category logo says 'pwn'

Nice work all round, though I agree with Stephan's pertinent pointers.