View Full Version : sql data base with a php interface question

07-17-2007, 03:44 PM
I have an sql data base with a php interface I want to change a couple things on it like for state instead of having someone type in IN or KY I want a dropdown menu for IN or KY and also the Yes Or No Questions I want Check Boxes Or Bullets I have no clue I am very novice at this you can view it at www.jx2solutions.com/kprdbase

username is kprdataentry and password is kpr206199

07-17-2007, 04:04 PM
This isnt really a php issue. The data the php recieves at the other end should be the same regardless of how the information is captured.
Your issue is purely how to interface with the user. You probably want to look into a javascript solution for modifying the input box depending on the selection.


//onChange for field dropdown

function changeInput()
field = document.getElementById('ctlSearchField');
case "State:":
document.getElementById('search').innerHTML = statedropdown;
case "Surrendered A Pug Before? (Yes/No)":
document.getElementById('search').innerHTML = yesno;
document.getElementById('search').innerHTML = standardtextinput;

Obviously this assumes you have a span or other container with an id of 'search' to put the search box into and that statedropdown, yesno and standardtextinput have already been set as the html that you want to use