View Full Version : Trouble with authenicating a users to view a web page

12-21-2002, 10:54 PM
Hello memebers,

I've been up and down and outside of the codingforum's website looking for my answer. Haven't found it yet but thought I would post a relpy until I did find it.

I've read this thing about htaccess and htpasswd, but from my unstanding so far is that it protectes the directory not a webpage or 2. I also tried Perl script to authenitcate but for some reason I can not have the form set to post to verify the user. And if I have the form set to get then the login information is presented in the address box above. (not good)

target= a user clicks on a link that sends them to a sentive page. For that I need them to verify who they are before entering the web page.

Any way of doing this...??

Hogtied :confused:

PS. I've posted many posts I'm starting to feel like a codingforums addict/whore :rolleyes: