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12-21-2002, 08:55 PM
Hello memebers.

I've posted this site for review on style, layout, and functionality.

Any comments will be appreciated.

*** FYI ***

if you test the newsletter you will get one, weekly. You will be able to unsubscribe once you receive the email.

Not to concerned with anything after the search button, the "My Reservations" links, and the newsletter (unless you want to see our autoresponse).

www.besthotel.com (http://www.besthotel.com)

hogtied :thumbsup:

12-21-2002, 09:09 PM
Looks good...but everythings aligned left. If in a table, try align="center" :D

12-21-2002, 10:26 PM
certainly seems functional enough - if a tad low on imaged styling.

the one thing that irked me was there doesn't appear to be a blighty flag for getting back to an English version after looking at the japanese version.

looks like there could be plenty of room for growth into other aspects of the accomodation inustry.

12-26-2002, 12:54 AM
Good site, the Stars and Stripes ain't the English flag though.

12-26-2002, 03:40 PM
Originally posted by Dalziel
Good site, the Stars and Stripes ain't the English flag though.

What exactly do you mean?.. There is now english flag on the home page?!?

12-27-2002, 08:36 AM
... he means that's the American flag you used, not the United Kingdom one (Union Jack, i believe?).

12-27-2002, 01:44 PM
Yeah I see what he means... the image is somewhat pixelated, and unclear.

The site looks fine... but you do have 44 errors when it is validated (http://validator.w3.org) - I guess it is something to fix.


12-28-2002, 12:48 AM
I appreciate the comments about the american flag. I'm just concerned about the home page.. In fact there is nothing I can do about the flag. Not now anyway..

And as for the 44 errors. I'll work on those.. you know dreamweaver has a validator built-in and I get no errors.. I'll trust W3C more than macromedia... :)

Keep it coming..

Oh.. someone said the website kinda looks pieced together.. would you have any suggestions on how to make it not look like that.. Is there a certain flow or something..

12-28-2002, 01:23 PM
I don't trust the dreamweaver validator... when it said 0 errors, w3c said 144...


12-28-2002, 08:47 PM
I was just being picky, good site :thumbsup:

Don't trust the Macromedia validator :rolleyes:

12-28-2002, 09:15 PM
As far as I see there is nothing wrong (besides W3C errors) with the home page? wow can I be that good.. I'm still learning the tools in dreamweaver, just found out that designing a web page is a lot easier using layers than just tables... :)

Of course I would need to convert it back to tables for the older browsers.


12-30-2002, 02:01 AM
okay... so cause i am dumb and new at this I am somewhat confused!!!

Validating? W3? Help? What is it and what defines what your page is?

I notice that dreamweaver automatically seems to add a 'doctype' but it means nothing to me? I have had a look around at the sites but nice, clean english would be good!!!

Oh... where is the validator in DW? (just so I can get an idea)

12-30-2002, 05:35 AM
Here's some terms for you...


This is to check your web pages against the lastest HTML coding style. What attributes or tags are longer used. For instance the tag <font></font> is depricated. which means this might still work for the time being but as new browsers and web editors come out it might not work or just be ignored.


World Wide Web Consortium. This organization sets the standards for web sites (coding) in gerenal. They also have a validator built into there website.

The validator on DW MX...
not sure if there is one in 4 or 3.. but for the validator for dreamweaver MX go to....

Window --> Results --> Validation

A section should open up at the bottom of the screen. Just click on the green arrow, then click on validate current document. If errors are found just double click on the error and it will highlight it for you in the code view...

But the validator in DW MX is not all that great. Like stated DW will report zero errors while W3C will state that there are some errors....

Does this help you out...


About W3C (http://www.w3schools.com/w3c/w3c_intro.asp)
W3C Validator (http://validator.w3.org/)

12-30-2002, 11:35 AM
cheers hogtied!!

Looks like I have a lot of work to do in the near future!!!

Should be fun!!:cool:

12-30-2002, 06:59 PM
I've noticed something here. Under my username on the left here. It says newcomer. (I'm thinking why am i a newcomer?) I've been using codingforums since ummm before it was even called "Codingforums" it used to be just Javascriptkit. Then is split into this. In other words ive been using this forums since 1yr or more...?? ummmmmmmm

12-31-2002, 09:27 AM

in any case, the counting started over again when the new forums were introduced. Your no. of posts says 48, so i guess 2 more to become a regular. To my astonishment, i've already posted some 270 times... :rolleyes: Time to get a life! :thumbsup:
If you feel that 48 is not accurate, i suggest contacting the admin.