View Full Version : HTML Web Page - need to load an .exe prior to start of a link

07-10-2007, 01:37 AM
OK, I did some reading here and I think the answer is that it is not possible. Would prefer it just to happen what I believe I read as not possible), but can accept that the user has to agree to let the exe run. (sounded like this might be possible)

Here is what I am trying to do within my HTML. I have a .avi movie that was created using a codec (Camplay.exe by Camtasia). If the user has camplay they can view the movie. Without it they can not view the movie.

If this is possible what would the code need to be even if the user would have to accept the running of the .exe.

Web host supports HTML and javascript, but not ASP or that matter hardly anything else.


PS: fairly new to HTML writing and have never written any javascript. I need this to aid is finding a new job.