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07-09-2007, 04:13 PM
Hi people,

Firstly I'd like to say welcome, my first post, hopefully not my last.
I took time to read as much of the FAQ and stuff as possible, but being a very new HTML css guy, I find alot of it may have gone over my head!

Anyway I shall try to explain my issue.


Okay theres my first attempt at the site, Every div was given a random colour border so i could figure out what i was screwing up as I went along ^^ and the colour schemes bleak at best :)

I've you've managed to find the CSS you'll see I use alot of position:absolutes; unfortunatly the machine I use has a rather Hi-res monitor (1280 x 1024) so I'm sure the site looks awful for people with a lower res at the moment....

Is there anyway I can change some of the positioning on maybe the "Menu /navigation" div, so its always floating about 50px's from the right of the "content" div ?

I can upload more screen shots of details if needed
*I have at least mastered image shack ^^*

Thanks in advance for any advice / flames i receive, and nice meeting you all :)


07-09-2007, 04:20 PM
Thatís a very simple 2 column layout and no direct positioning is needed at all for this. Only the rounded corners may require some more consideration.
Look at and learn from Bon Rougeís tutorials (http://bonrouge.com/2c-hf-fixed.php).

07-09-2007, 05:09 PM
Ah thanks for the link I will look into it.

The layout listed on the link though gives me two columns in a direct line (they are basically thouching). Is there an easy way to put some distance between them ?
I was tempted to abuse the margin and padding commands but they will still have background, and im tempted to keep the rounded corners aspec :)

Thanks for all the help though, link was very handy!

07-09-2007, 06:35 PM
Small update - I think i've cracked it!

The website link you provided gave me an idea on how to handle it, I just used a positioned Wrap and then floated the content as needed in there, as long as you state the box sizes it all seems to float reasonably well at any Res.

Will upload in a second for viewing dis-approval :)