View Full Version : why does it do it?

07-07-2007, 02:17 AM
if you look on the website, there are two columns. right and left. left column is a little smaller then the right one. but for some reason it is merging with the right column with that green space on the bottom.

someone can help me fix it?


07-07-2007, 02:31 AM
I would validate that site as the first thing if I were you:


Judging from your stylesheet it seems like you've forgotten to add a url to the background #pagetop, #footer and #wrapper ID's.

You also need to add some units after numbers. The validator tells where. Only when the number is 0, there doesn't need to be a unit.

07-07-2007, 03:00 AM
I don't get it. i just started to learn all this stuff. how do i use a validator to fix my mistakes? where does it tell me that i made a mistake?

btw, all i did after buying this template is changing the main text... it is the original designer who was making mistakes...

07-07-2007, 03:09 AM
The validator that Jutlander gave you is for your CSS, this one is for your html.
You can't have multiple style attributes on an element.

07-07-2007, 03:32 AM
the second link seems to be a little more clear, it highlights my mistakes, but I do not have enough knowledge to fix this mistakes =/
I also think this is not something that causing the problem, isn't it the tables that are not formed right?

All i did to this template is just edit the text. it was like this when i bought it from templatemonster.com


07-07-2007, 03:34 AM
alright, it is clear on a second link where mistakes are. i have a very limited and basic knowledge of how to code, but i will try my best in fixing it.

but i still think it does not have anything to do with the right column giving me that extra green space.

You are the one asking for help here. I suggest you follow our advice. There was a member not long ago, who I told to validate their page, they said the exact same thing you did. Sure enough after validating their page worked as it should have.

07-07-2007, 09:56 AM
bro, i just don't know how to fix it =) i don't know what all the codes mean and stuff. sure it does point out mistakes. that's remarkable, if only i knew what i could do to fix them.

about topic. i have contacted template monster's customer support. i got some feedback on how to fix it. I am going to try to go theirs way. will post my results here.

07-07-2007, 01:41 PM
It is fixed now! thanks to all for trying to help a noob out.

PS: I appreciate your help, and this links are useful. I am saving them to my favorites to use them when I will be that level.