View Full Version : load image when thumbnail is clicked

07-05-2007, 12:44 AM
Hi, i'm new here and i come in desperation, PLEASE if you know how to help me, do so i beg of you
i have a big website redesign release due in a matter of days, and the guy who was doing the CSS piked out now im doing my best going solo
even though it means having tables based php pages...

On the 'art' content page i had planned to have an array of small thumbnails that, when clicked, would each tell the page to load a specific image
in the area (a table or whatever works) as is shows in the image where there is a white box. hopefuly the dark grey area that the image would load in, would expand
and shrink (vertically) as needed (as all images would be under the horizontal limit anyway)...
i would want the next image to load, to replace the previous image...

is this doable? what is the bes/most effective way of going about this?

i swear the person who answers this will be my saviour! PLEASE!
i am STUPID so PLEASE dumb it down for me, let me know where the codes should go and stuff