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06-30-2007, 09:44 PM
Good day,
I was wondering how can I had a link to a page each first or the month ?
Can I also automaticly create that page in a folder that I would create a the same time.

Here's what it would do by step :

- check date, if 1st of month, create new folder named the name of the month in this year folder if it not already done.
- create a html file named the name of the month, if it's not already done.
- Add a link to the newly create page on the menu page in another folder, if it's not already done.
- redirect to page in another folder

Thanks for your help !

07-01-2007, 03:25 AM
Yes, this can be done with PHP, but you're asking someone here
to write a whole script for you (that probably won't happen).
There is a forum section where you can hire someone to do it for you.