View Full Version : Zend Framework Woes..

06-28-2007, 08:17 PM
Howdy folks,

been working on a ZF application for a while now, and I've been upgrading bits and pieces of my code each time a new ZF version was released. After upgrading to RC3, though, something went rather...wrong.

Suddenly, all my requests are being (re?)directed to indexAction in IndexController, regardless of where the request is supposed to be going. /blog/new should go to BlogController::newAction, but doesn't. Likewise with any other route. I've tried using the default router settings with Zend_Controller_Front::run('/path/to/app/controllers'); but that too, failed to work.

So I'm pretty sure my problem isn't anything to do with my routing code (which is also why I'm not posting any code). I read the changelog, but I can't find anything that would explain this behaviour. I've disabled/enabled various new plugins (that pesky errorhandler and that strange ViewRenderer helper), but it doesn't make any difference to what happens.. No matter what I do, IndexController::indexAction is called. I don't get it. At all.

Would anyone care to make an educated guess as to why this is happening? I for one, am baffled.

Thanks a bunch