View Full Version : CDONTS - Put incremental number in subject of email

06-19-2007, 02:32 PM
I am using MS FrontPage and Windows XP. I am using CDONTS to email information from an online form on our Intranet to specific email addresses. We also use Exchange servers if that helps.

Basically I just want to put a number in the subject field of the recipient (eg 0000) - which will increase in incriments of 1 every time someone submits the form.

Many thanks in advance for any help with this.

06-20-2007, 12:56 AM
Hopefully you mean that you are using CDOSYS

the two are NOT the same!! CDONTS was very buggy and a huge security risk.

Anyway the only way to keep track of an increment like that is to

A) either store the info in a text file and use the FileSystemObject to read the text file and update this file each time you send an email or

B)store the number of emails sent in a database table or XML file or Excel spreadsheet and open this with ADO read and update this each time an email is sent.

C) Store a variable inside the application object in the Global.ASA file (not a good move because if the server restarts so will your count)

There is no other way to increment this each time a user clicks the form button becaus eas far as ASP is concerned each click of the button is totally seperate from the other clicks.