View Full Version : Form Validation based on Primary Data Entry

06-12-2007, 04:37 PM
Preface: I use Dreamweaver and I am familiar with the “Validate Form” behavior (wizard). The field validation I need to do on this form, however, is conditional upon whether they have entered data in the Name field.

Take a look at this form:


Here's what I need to do:

In the Provider 2 section, all of the required fields are conditional, based on whether or not they enter data in the Provider 2 First Name field. If they enter a first name, then all required fields ARE required. If they don't enter a first name, then no (Provider 2) fields are required. ALSO - Dreamweaver's "Validate Form" wizard can apparently only accomodate text fields, not menus. The "Credentials" menus (Providers 1 AND 2) needs to be validated as well.

Right now, Just the Provider 1 required fields are validated, MINUS the "Credentials" menu.

Much appreciated if anyone can help me out with this. I should add that I am a designer, not a programmer, so the simpler you can make the explanation of what I need to do, the better.

Thank you much,