View Full Version : Drop Down Menu Issues

06-09-2007, 09:28 AM
Ok this file is too big to post here so i have had to zip it down and i have attached it...Here is my issue. On lines 557-1816 is the coding in question but the main issue comes from the script on lines 615-907...The issue is this: The script "thumbnailviewer works great as you can see buy following this link: http://tcu.cybersquads.com/index.php?view=Maps ...if you attend that site just choose "Socom: Combined Assault" and in the first table on the left you can click on the "map names" (ie...Citadel) and it will execute the script correctly, but if you choose "Summit" it is supposed to have a drop down menu, and it does (still working on the css) but when you click on one of the links on the drop down menu it should execute the thumbnail viewer to display the image like the links before it, but it does not it just forwards you to the image page...now im not sure how to fix this and any suggestions would be great.

Thank You