View Full Version : MenuStrip Items

06-08-2007, 07:03 PM
OK, this is my first time working with the MenuStrip. I figured out everything on my own just by playing around with it, but I'm having trouble at runtime with the visual display of the "_" under the characters that act as the shortcut keys.

For example, I have File, Menu, and Help items for my menu. The text on my "File" item is set to &File to show the "_" under the "F". The same is the case for the rest of the items as well as their collections of dropdown items(New, Save, etc). Everything looks good in the design view.

However, at runtime, no "_" show up anywhere on the menu item and all the dropdown items. This is where it gets weird. If I don't have any of the menus open and I hit the "Alt" key, it will highlight my "File" for me and all the "_" are now on all the items. I hit "Esc" or click somewhere else on the form to close the menus, and all the "_" disappear again.

Is there an issue at runtime with the MenuStrip or am I still missing something?