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06-08-2007, 06:35 PM

I am interested in building an e-shop in order people to be able to download digital music but also to be able to buy the physical product. I did a search on the issue but unfortunately i can not find any decent ready software i can use.

Does anyone have any experience on this matter or any suggestions from where to start?

www.beatport.com is a nice example of what i am trying to do

06-08-2007, 11:37 PM
You can use CubeCart for free if you keep their branding on the page,
which is no big deal ... everyone does that. They have an option that
sets up the store with either tangible items, or file downloads (digital).

Set it all up and get it working for free. Customize it and see how it works.
If you really want to get rid of the words "CubeCart" that appear in a few
places, it costs $90 to do that. Look at other sites that use CubeCart and
see how they handle it.


06-09-2007, 05:35 PM
Thank you mlseim for your answer. The product seems definitely promising and i will give it a try

Furthermore, besides the digital store i am going to implement, i need to have a content management system and the plan was to find a nice software for the store (e.g the one you suggested) and combine it with Joomla. In other words, i would write the wrappers and components that are needed in order the user database of Joomla to communicate with the user database of the shopping cart.

Any comments on this?