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06-08-2007, 02:50 PM

I am trying to create a webpage that will allow me to view my 'email' website whilst I'm at work. The firewall blocks the page and I was hoping that there was some surreptitious way to get around this problem.

My thoughts for a solution to this would be to create a variable with the website's name in pieces. Then send it to a function that opens it in a frame or something.

If i need to be more specific or give more information please let me know. Hopefully someone out there, who is smarter than i, can help me out with this 'situation'.


06-09-2007, 12:56 PM
frames won't work, it's still loading the same webpage and even if the variable was encrypted, it still would have to become "unencrypted". Try loading from your phone? if it's capable or search for an free email service that has no coverage at all really and have it forwarded to that. So gsimpson@somepoorlyadvertisedemailcompany.com and have everything from gsimpson@mycurrentemail.com forwarded to you. I may point out that this isn' the best forum for this discussion either. :)

06-09-2007, 05:30 PM
If your email is part of your own website (webhost) you can use
a PHP script to view your email. But if you're using something like
Hotmail, there's nothing you can do, since you can't access the POP3
account with a script.

06-19-2007, 01:51 PM
thanks for the help, i had a feeling it wouldn't be able to be done.

GSimpson, why isn't this the best forum for a question like this? its a question about the capabilities of PHP, is it because i used the word surreptitious...did that make you think big brother was going to swoop down in black helicopters and take you away.

I work for the government, there is only OD green.

06-19-2007, 05:58 PM
Perhaps it has something to do with asking on how to do something you're not supposed to do?

If they block it through their firewall, don't you think they're trying to let you know something?


# 1.4) No illegal requests- Do not post requests that are illegal or break the usage terms of the service in question, such as where to download warez, disable pop up ads on your free host etc.


06-19-2007, 06:44 PM
I don't see this question as against forum rules... IMO of course... But I would point out to matthewrpica that circumventing firewalls may not be worth risking getting fired over (I've seen people fired for less).

06-19-2007, 08:31 PM
At most places where internet is available at work, you sign a document saying you'll follow the rules contained etc.

I'd consider that the usage terms of the service in question.

Either way, if they're blocking it they don't want you to do it. It'll be hard to do it in a way that they can't see. It passes through their systems no matter what.

06-19-2007, 09:40 PM


06-19-2007, 11:02 PM
This game me a laugh when I tried to browse to that link:

Your organization's Internet use policy restricts access to this web page at this time.


The Websense category "Proxy Avoidance" is filtered.



06-20-2007, 02:36 AM
My ISP blocked it too