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06-08-2007, 05:10 AM
Me and a group of people are trying to start up a petsite.(Y'know, like Subeta and/or Neo.) We have the artists, we have a place to build it up, we just need people to code it. if anyone is willing to work for free, and help us, please notify me either here or at islandmoofer@yahoo.com. Im confident it will be a good site once we get going, and we have almost all the art planned out- plenty of artists, even one moderator. Thanks.

~TWP & Friends

06-08-2007, 05:55 AM
I am very old which explains why I've never heard of neopets. But I am like, smrt so I googled neopets and took a few seconds to discover what kind of website you are interested in creating.

Some questions.... is your website going to generate income? If so, what kind of partnership will the coders that create your website for you enter into (percentage-wise)? Have you decided on what architecture your website will use (PHP, ASP, etc)? How many coders do you plan to have working on this project?

06-08-2007, 11:28 PM
these kind of games are fairly easy to make [not that easy] as i have created a couple before however the time involved is not something that you can have made completely free of charge its just not possible unless the coder is a amateur then you might get a freelancer.

unless you post more details about what you want different than the other games then there isnt much anyone can do to help.

06-25-2007, 04:42 AM
Okay, first up I have to say: I can't do SQL. I'm learning, but I can't at the moment.

Still listening, Twilight?

Okay, let's see if this doesn't drive you away: I don't always have a lot of time to code, so I really vary in productivity (web design and scripting is a hobby).

Still listening? Whoa, he's really desperate if he's still listening!

I would be glad to do anything I can with my semi-limited PHP and JavaScript knowledge, and anything in my (obviously needed) knowledge of HTML. I wouldn't be a final solution, but ofcourse I'd be willing to collaborate with SQL coders, CSS designers, image designers, etc.

If you're still interested, PM me, or e-mail me through my profile.