View Full Version : Browser compatibility - How to STOP BULLET spaces changing

06-06-2007, 06:34 AM
How do you use make it so the space between BULLETS (HTML DISC) does not have such a large space between the lines when viewing between INTERNET EXPLORER and Any other browser like Firefox??


Right side "Recent Posts". You'll notice that if you view with Firefox that it shows the words close to get on top of each other.

HOWEVER, View the same link in INTERNET EXPLORER and you'll soon discover it's now what's almost 1 more line inbetween the top words and the ones below them.

How can I STOP THIS?? If I make it fit in Firefox, it's WAY too high in IE cause it adds another line. If I make it fit in IE, it's like 3/4 the height of the area for Firefox.


06-06-2007, 09:59 AM
First things first, tables for layout is not semantic coding and should not be used! Tables are for tabular data only... they were only used to layout pages in original web design because style sheets had not been introduced. Now that they have I suggest you look at switching to CSS for layout.

The easiest way to do this in your CSS is to use:

li {
line-height: 12px;

obviously changing the figure to whatever you feel suits your needs. If you were using semantic code then you would probably have this area wrapped in a div, and you could apply that style to the div only by using:

#recentposts li {
line-height: 12px;

assuming you gave that div an ID of 'recentposts'. For more information about CSS for layouts etc head [ulr="http://www.bonrouge.com"]here[/url]