View Full Version : Allow editor of HTML on webpage (Wiki/cPanel alike)

06-05-2007, 07:16 PM
Im trying to make a portal that is open access, and you can login to it.

It will be broken into multi-datebase's for each Team for supported products.
I am trying to make an easy way to allow the Team Leaders to modify only there team pages

And have one master account, my account. allow me to click a link, and edit the HTML of the entire page. allow me to save and its automaticly updated

For the Team pages, there only allowed to Edit, something thats with in (Defined Tags) that are demmed editable by me.

Something kinda like Wiki/cPanel, but not so advanced

I am using the Newest PHP and mySQL
Currently its setup with 4 Team DBs and One master DB that accesses them all

06-05-2007, 07:27 PM
Actually, Wikis don't employ HTML editors. They have a specialized text format that gets turned into HTML.

You didn't ask a real question, so I assume you're looking for some help on getting an HTML style editor.

There's quite a few out there. Just do a google/search for 'javascript html editor'. As to which one is best, I'm not sure. I think they're all bloated and have no customizability. Which is why I took one and changed it completely so to my own purpose. This might be more advanced than what you need though.

You could always use a BB style editor. Such as the basic editor for this forum (and have buttons at the top to do basic markup).

06-06-2007, 01:32 AM
Im currently working with wikimedia and phpBB to learn what defines an account the write to edit to given pages

06-06-2007, 02:30 AM
Im going to try and Describe my Project best as Possible. I understand its a little odd, and Im horrible with 'english' & 'spelling'

This site will be a Open Access Portal for a Support Company InTRAnet, allowing over 200 Users at a time. Almost all Data & page content. will be stored inside SQL. Each team broken into its own DB, with one Main DB that access' each Team_DB. It will be a portal, because the content displayed will depend/defined by the Users profile, they gives access to pages. Granted open access gives access to those now locked pages. Login is only meant for easy of access.

**Granted any given account is in at least 3 Teams
User Types
Managers - Able to add/edit User Accounts, Access to Manager portal for Stats, reports and Level 2 support console.

Team Editors - Able to 'diem' Two users to be ***. Editors, Able to Edit/Create Pages with-in team's portal.

Team Viewers - View only access to all pages in that Team. and Content labled Public.

Trainers - Demo Access Accounts, Full access to Training Portal with read/write access to Training_DB

I want them to be able to access any page with ease, then click log-in on the top right, then only access what there trained in. While I login an able to click 'edit' and Im viewing the pages (Entire) Source Code to modify and Save/Publish on the spot, any where.

(This one Ill provide a sample of what I mean by this)shortly

For Points where Page is created, its coded with-in a given spec. Fast Edit opens with 'one click' buttons that begin forms to fill in TAGs to insert into code.