View Full Version : Brand New at CSS : can I even do this with CSS?

06-04-2007, 11:03 PM
I've posted what I want to do:

The right nav will be images of my portfolio. Upon click, the full size image will pop up in the open space to the left of the right nav.

The horizontal menu has options for further pages of my online portfolio.

Can I do this with CSS and HTML? Can anyone lead me in the right direction to do this?

Thank you.

06-04-2007, 11:04 PM
Sighs. Yes you can. I already told you could. Don't double. Stick to your original posts please so you don't waste our time.

06-04-2007, 11:07 PM
Sorry, I couldn't find my original post. I am incompetant apprently. I've been trying to delete this one, but I cannot figure out how. I will go look at my original post for your answer. Thanks.