View Full Version : ASP, triggering page and execute query when end of year

06-04-2007, 05:00 AM
hi there,
i know maybe this topic has been discussed by other member, but i still cant get the solutions.
i hope can get more detail solution on it.

i wan to do a page at the backend,when the date is end of this year(12/31/2007) then will execute the code (such as add the new total leave with the current balance leave automatically without regresh the page or login into the system.)
i heard that the MS SQL SERVER got this triggered function, but unfortunately..the MS SQL SERVER hosting that i used(third party) didnt provide this function. i jz can store data in the table and create database..no more others component that i can use.
i hope can hear from u all soon coz the problem is urgent..
plz help.. :(
thank you very much

06-05-2007, 05:18 AM
hi, i dont know this is the right place to let me ask the problem about the database script or not.
if wrong, plz inform me.
i wan to write a store procedure to check the balance leave of the user when end of year.
if end of year then
if balanceleave>4days then
end if
i have one table is store the user
totalannualleave, balanceanual leave, empid, leaverecordid (PK)
i m first time user to use the store proc,so i duno how to start it.the store proc will run when the date is 31/12 every year(midnite)
can u all guide me?
thank you.